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CLIFFHANGER! But, you know, not so much with the exciting suspense.

Basically, I have a three-part cartoon with Food Truck Hedgehog, but I haven’t drawn the third part yet, so I’m just going to post part 1 today, and then I’m not sure when I’ll post next.  I’m going into tech week this weekend till the show opens on the 15th, and then I’m going to opening, and then I have theatre tickets, and then I have an art auction (or maybe the other way round, I forget) so, yeah.  See you week after next unless I get reeeally lucky.



3 guesses about whether this will end well or poorly, and the first two guesses do not count.  (Is that how the kids are saying it these days?)

One comment on “CLIFFHANGER! But, you know, not so much with the exciting suspense.

  1. ccoshow
    November 8, 2013

    But I didn’t hand out canapes… We handed out full-size candy bars. ;-p

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