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And then there was more.

Like tassel trim!

Photo Sep 16, 9 13 59 PM

And velvet rickrack with beads!

Photo Sep 16, 9 15 16 PM

And a selfie stick, which I am still getting the hang of!  (Of which I am still getting the hang?)

Photo Sep 16, 9 05 58 PM

Pay no attention to the peach ribbon lacing, I had gold cord but it was destroyed/stolen/hidden/hopefully not eaten by a cat who shall remain nameless.

Image may contain: cat

Anyway, I think I’m settling on bloomers with silly pockets rather than an underskirt, partially so I don’t have to acquire more fabric and partially so that I have a reason to make clocked stockings with ship’s wheels or compass roses or something.

Also, if you think it’s easy putting on two layers of laced garments, one of which is edged with dangling tassels, in an apartment with that fluffy fucker up there, you are incorrect.

5 comments on “And then there was more.

  1. atticsister
    September 17, 2017

    My daughter used to belong to a group of colonial era re-enactors a few years ago. I made much of her clothing so I know the hours and hours of sewing you put into this costume. Fantastic job! Can’t wait to see your next post with pantaloons or skirt or breeches

    • naralesser
      September 17, 2017

      Thanks! That means you also know how much I’m cheating the period, but it’s a fantasy costume, so why not?

      • atticsister
        September 17, 2017

        As long as you don’t have to stand for an audit of period style and methods …..who cares how much you cheat the period? You still did excellent work on the mechanics of sewing and sttling and that cannot be cheated! Good job.

  2. Valerie
    September 19, 2017

    Absolutely. Raitiful, Nara!

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