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Distracted as usual.

Cartoon tour of Pemberley coming soon, I’m pretty definitely almost sure.  In the meantime, here’s a thing I’ve been sidetracked by.  I started planning and collecting fabric for a rococo map dress a WHILE ago — maybe two years, even?  And of course then I didn’t get to it, and then I was losing a bunch of weight so I put it on hold, and then I didn’t get to it some more.  And THEN, I found myself with a fair amount of free time, and god forbid I clean my apartment, right?Mapdress-2

These lacing hooks gave out immediately, but that’s okay!  Digging through my stash to see if I had tiny D rings led to finding tiny sprockets instead:


Who does cartridge pleats voluntarily?  This dumbass, that’s who.  Also, K has already tagged ‘Voluntary Cartridge Pleats’ as her new imaginary band name, so no stealsies.


Soooooo . . . I was going to be making a fairly traditional underskirt out of another map print, but now I’m not sure.  Underskirt?  Ridiculous cargo bloomers?  Underskirt pulled up over ridiculous cargo bloomers?


Next up, tons of trim, some decisions to make, and, eventually, accessories.  I’m going to need a dark blue wig and a new ship fascinator, stat.

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