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More to do!

Hey there, strangers!  I’ve been home so much and posted so little because it’s just been a weird scattered scary time, but I’ve got some forward motion going.

So I have been a little bit productive — I’ve been making baby quilts and soft toys to donate to the kids who lost everything and went through an incredibly traumatizing, terrifying time.  I’m keeping it simple, because I though it was more important to get more done so kids have something to hug than to get one or two really fabulous toys made.

If you’re out of town and looking for  way to help with Harvey relief, think local.  The Red Cross has a very iffy history with fund management, and there are other options. This looks like a pretty good roundup to me:

Remember, Houston is big and needs a lot of help, but Houston is big and gets a lot of attention.  Rosenberg has been totally devastated; Beaumont is without drinkable water for who knows how long.  Keep the smaller areas in mind when deciding where your money goes!

Gotta go, time to make some fluffy brown teddy bears.


One comment on “More to do!

  1. Marty
    September 3, 2017

    These are beautiful! You are so kind and generous to share your talents. I know that the recipients will be comforted by your blankies and toys.

    I’m trying to do my part by pet-sitting for some people who are being deployed to the area to help in the aftermath, since I’m not being called in this time.

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