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Teensy heirloom, teensy project.

So at Chanukah Mom gave me several items from a bag of my paternal grandmother’s junk jewelry that either weren’t her style or weren’t her taste.

Among them was a wee little pocket watch/pendant watch that I just thought was super pretty and probably moderately old, and I decided I wanted to see if it was possible to get it running again within my means.

I have a pretty intense nickel allergy (have I mentioned that before?) which means I haven’t been able to wear a wristwatch since about middle school, so pocket watches or clip watches have a long history in my life. I stopped bothering with them once I had a cell phone, but having a working watch is still a handy thing, especially if it’s pretty, antique, and has a family connection.

Anyway, I spent about $300 getting it fixed, which is almost certainly more that it’s worth if I were to resell, which I won’t, so who cares? She ticks so pretty!

Oh, also, I made a wee pouch for when it’s in my purse so the crystal won’t get scratched, and it seemed like a fun place for a tiny blackwork square. I got the pattern from ‘Ensamplario Atlantic’ by Kim Brody Salazar, aka Janthé d’Averoigne. Huge thanks to her for making that available for free online!

I decided to use a wool embroidery thread my mom brought me from Israel this year as another family connection and because it looked more old fashioned to me than standard floss; I’m not totally in love with that green as it stands? I’m trying to decide if I’m adding tiny beads inside the leaves or over dyeing or something.

Anyway, behold:

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