Neurotic Owl

flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

Who loves drawing briars? This bitch.


(Click to embiggen.  Always, always click to embiggen.)




Places to buy stuff!

  • TEEPUBLIC: mostly t-shirts, a few other products.  Watch for sales, when shirts drop from $20 to $14!
  • REDBUBBLE: Just, I don’t know, a ton of different stuff.  T-shirts are more expensive than Teepublic, but there are a lot more options.
  • AMAZON: Home of the Geeky Gals Coloring Book!
  • ETSY: beaded jewelry, bags of creepy tiny dolls, and The Neurotic Owl Tarot

Did I miss something?  I think that’s everything.

booktopedgeThings that kind of sucked but also have a little bit of a bright side, I guess?:

  •  I tried to finally start watching Deep Space Nine, and ugggghhhhh, nope.  Someone tell me what happens in the first three seasons, because apparently season four is either when errbody learns to act or Sisko gets axe-murdered.  I will accept either.  On the other hand, Supergirl is delightful thus far, so yay, consolatory entertainment!


What’s making me happy this week:

  • Buttermilk custard pie.  Did y’all know that was a thing?  That’s a delicious thing.
  • Mooch now enjoys drinking from the tap in the tub and also playing in the box his fancy toy came in.  Cats, yo, they’re great.
  • Apparently my coworker who loves reading didn’t know about Overdrive and thought I was PAYING for all those audiobooks and ebooks I read.  Since I am not wealthy like a rajah, I get my fancy future books the best way, from the library for FREEEEEEEEEE.

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