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Take a chance.


And now for action.  When I first saw the petition to the electors to vote in Hillary Clinton in December, I thought, “That’ll never work!”  Then I signed it, because why not?

Here’s the thing, though — this year has been balls-out crazy.  What were the odds that Prince, Bowie, Leonard Cohen, and I can’t even remember how many more would leave us in one year?  I don’t know from sportsball, but even I know that the Cubs winning is insane.  And the odds that this country would elect Trump?  Slim as fuck, until they weren’t.  (Ignoring, for the moment, the fact that we DIDN’T elect Trump; Clinton won the fucking popular vote, and if we were capable of tallying goddamn votes with any sort of speed, we would have known that on election night.)

So why not one more crazy thing?  Why shouldn’t the electoral college do their FUCKING job by both representing the actual will of the people and keeping a toxic orange garbage fire out of office?

Why not sign?

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  1. Sally
    December 1, 2016


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