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Who drew a building? This girl! Well, part of one. Shut up, buildings are hard.


Haven’t gotten to colour yet because, between show tickets Sunday and Passover Monday and Tuesday, this is the first time I’ve been home and conscious for more than an hour in a while.  I did go ahead and drop colour into the lettering because it’s damned hard to read otherwise (thanks, tiny bricks!)

I really need to cut up some cardstock and start carrying it on me again, so that I’m encouraged to get back to cartoons.  These women are just terribly time consuming, especially the research phase, and I want to do them justice but also continue to have fun content for you guys.  For instance, I’m wanting to draw Aisholpan Nurgaiv next, and the only way I can make sure I’m getting her movement right and not just copying someone’s (copyrighted) photograph is to watch ‘The Eagle Huntress’, possibly several times, and pull a bunch of screencaps.  So, that’s where I am — work proceeds slowly and carefully.

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