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Concerts I have seen and dancers who are amazing.


Katharine Dunham, Anna Pavlova, Maria Tallchief, and Alicia Alonso were the four female dancers I had books about in elementary school, and I must have read each of those books 30 or 40 times.  I had some serious hero worship going (entirely justified).

Speaking of obsessively liking a thing/person/group, errbody’s doing some ‘ten concerts I have seen’ thing on the Facebook, and I am not doing that thing, partially because I’m not sure I’ve seen ten concerts (ok, 9, one is supposed to be a lie) and partially because I’m not sure anyone cares.  I am going to list the concerts I remember having been to in chronological order, because I find my own lack of cool amusing.

  1. Peter, Paul, and Mary
  2. Peter, Paul, and Mary
  3. Peter, Paul, & Mary
  4. Flogging Molly, which may not count either because it was them playing at a bar, not a big concert venue, or because I got uncomfortable standing awkwardly in a bar by myself and left before they started playing.
  5. Peter, Paul, and Mary
  6. Peter & Paul (because Mary was unexpectedly in the hospital.  It was kind of a downer, y’all.
  7. Do house concerts count?  If house concerts count, Marian Call.
  8. Ditto comic book shop concerts?  Eliza Rickman, then.

That’s it, y’all.  Or, wait, I think I went to the Mucky Duck once to see the Flying Fish Sailors with a friend somewhere between  5.PP&M and 6.P&P, but that might not count either.  Excuse me while I go listen to ‘Songs of Conscience and Concern’ and headbang like a maniac.

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