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And then I made something REALLY ridiculous.

So this is based on a free papercraft model I found here, and I will be back for more papery fun.  But then, because I can’t leave well enough alone, I decided to replace the outer panels and the ropes and the motherfucking sails with various soft goods, turning a moderately complicated build into a giant pain in the ass, because that’s how I do.

Please note, there’s still several sails and some other bullshit left to go WHAT WAS I THINKING EVEN.  Are you wondering what this is for?  Well, picture this wig:

Photo Sep 19, 4 58 07 PM

(Oh hai bra.  Oops.)

. . . all piled up in curls and poofs, with that damn ship sailing upon it.

Also, the universe is a stupid jerky enabler which led me to this little globe at the thrift store for a whole $1.10, so clearly now I need either a walking stick or a parasol for it to sit atop.  Not sure which yet, honestly.  Don’t say ‘keep it removable and do both’, that is a bad thought and one I’ve already had.

Photo Sep 27, 4 00 52 PM

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