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I made a thing. That’s not news, is it?

Wedding accomplished!  Show research continuing and rendering begun!  GROCERIES ACQUIRED!  And I’m still hella busy, but I have a project to show you because when awesome friends tell me they’re getting married over a year in advance I am liable to make something stupid.

Photo Jan 28, 3 23 18 PMPhoto Jan 28, 3 23 25 PMPhoto Jan 28, 3 23 36 PMPhoto Jan 28, 3 23 49 PM

Owls, owls, dear god the owls.  So the bride loves owls and green, the groom likes blue, and they’re both into cuddly things.  Also do not expect me to make another afghan any time soon, because that was fun in a one-time-only kind of way and also even sale yarn adds up.

2 comments on “I made a thing. That’s not news, is it?

  1. mommatrek
    February 6, 2018

    Yes, it totally does. Even the cheapie yarn is freaking expensive when you’re buying 8 skeins of it for a project.

  2. naralesser
    February 6, 2018

    Hahahahahaha eight skeins. I refuse to do the math on how much yarn I bought, let’s just say that it was a muchness.

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