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Knitting! But cartoons soon.

I actually have two sets of cartoons ready, but I am v. proud of my new skill so today you have to see that.

Image may contain: Nara Lesser, smiling, glasses and close-up

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

Things I did not do before starting this:

Check that the yarn size matched the pattern (no) or the needles (yes)

Do a gauge swatch

Think about whether half cotton/half poly yarn would be a massive pain in the ass (yes)

Learn any of the fancy stitches

Consider whether I would wear a cream/lavender/blue shawl (nope, but yay for the cotton strand being the cream one and thus dyeable)

Magical Sparkle Muffin, who knows me to be a rules lawyer about nearly everything in life, has been SHOCKED to discover what a feckless flibbertigibbet I am when it comes to craft stuff.  I’m a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a slightly short scarf to which I am adding tassels for lengthening purposes.

The pattern is the Garden View Shawlette by Tracey Withanee on Ravelry; anything that looks weird about it is probably me.

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