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More free stuff to color

battle floofs small

I almost forgot I did this one!  More Anne soon, but I thought y’all might like coloring some critters.  Blah blah click to embiggen, blah blah show me your finshed work at the Neurotic Owl Facebook page blah blah still my drawing.

In other news, I did a thing I thought I’d never do and contested one of my pieces being removed from Redbubble.  In general even if I’m convinced it’s fair use it’s not worth fighting over, but this one seems so cut and dried to me that I went ahead.  Apparently Disney objected to this Rapunzel drawing.

rapunzel color

I’m not big mad, they definitely just caught the title in a random sweep, assumed it was Tangled-related, and pulled it, but I think we can all agree that this is not that Rapunzel.  If you suddenly developed a desperate need for this one while it’s in limbo, it’s still up on Teepublic.

More pages soon!

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