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Weekly thingy and The Tower/Rapunzel

This story I’m pretty sure you know, but I will just recap the latter half in case Disney’s Tangled has driven the original out of everyone’s heads.

Rapunzel’s in the tower, handsome prince turns up, climbs up to the tower using her hair, blah blah. So while visiting her in the tower the prince proposes, gets her pregnant, and they plan to escape together. Then the witch turns up, shoves the prince out the window into the thorn bushes below where he’s blinded and crawls away in agony. She also cuts of Rapunzel’s hair and banishes her into the desert.

Somehow, all alone, Rapunzel stays alive in the desert long enough to deliver twins and then stumble upon her lost prince, and her tears as she holds him drips into his eyes and heal him. Hooray, happy ending aside from the whole two people alone in a desert with newborn twins! Fingers crossed the prince is awesome at orienteering once his eyesight is back.

So anyhow, the scene where the (princess in this case) is flung out the window seemed like an absolutely perfect match for the Tower card. I really wanted to make Rapunzel South Asian, but she’ll likely turn up again in a larger drawing; for this one I needed her hair to be red so that it could give the impression of a flame against a dark sky. I’d also feel worse about flinging my poor dashing princess out the window if we didn’t know that at least the story is going to end up ok for her, but I’m still pretty sad about it. When I read Rapunzel with a male prince I have no sympathy for him at all, what with getting a young and sheltered woman who’s never had a chance to meet any human aside from the witch pregnant right the fuck away, but somehow when I switch to a princess I’m all, aw, star-crossed, they loooove each other, they probably didn’t have birth control available, poor dumb kids.


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Did I miss something?  I think that’s everything.


What’s making me happy this week:

  • Did I mention that I got my hair cut? That was actually like two weeks ago now, I need to trim my side shave even, but it’s still filling me with delight.

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