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Weekly thingy and The Moon/Beauty and the Beast

So Imma assume that y’all do all know this one, at least the basic notes. The older version I like best varies a bit from Disney, but it’s not wildly unrecognizable like some stories. Beauty actually has two sisters – also three brothers, but they disappear almost immediately so meh, who cares – and the sisters follow the Eros and Psyche pattern of trying to drive a wedge between Beauty and her Beast and make her scared of him. The Beast is almost immediately kind and gentle to Beauty; there’s no long period of learning to be show his inner beauty, he’s a big soft boi basically as soon as her dad leaves and the only thing he really does to discomfort her (besides keeping her captive) is asking her to marry him at the end of every day. He takes her no for an answer, though, and makes it pretty clear that he has to keep asking for undisclosed reasons (magic curse magic curse this should be OBVIOUS Beauty) but never expects a yes. And I kind of love that he tells her he’s not that bright and she’s like, eh, you’re nice, who needs smart? Beauty knew how to appreciate a good himbo.

Anyhow, this is a card about illusion, fear, and intuition, all of which made me think of Beauty, afraid but seeing the sweet cuddly himbo under the scary exterior.


Places to buy stuff!

Did I miss something?  I think that’s everything.


What’s making me happy this week:

  • I frequently look for reference photos online, since otherwise all of my people come out looking like thinner versions of me (thanks a fucking lot, internalized fatphobia). I forgot to list last week’s – Nontobeko Mbuyazi, a truly stunning Black albino model who heavily inspired the swan maiden for the Star card. This week I found Taylor T., a South Korean plus size model, and she is GORGEOUS, so yay, fun time sifting through pictures of beautiful ladies. I don’t always have names if the photos I find are uncredited or stock pictures, and I frequently combine features from multiple people, but these two stayed pretty close to the references so I wanted to mention them especially.

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