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Weekly thingy and Two of Wands/Tattercoats

Going to try to keep this one short, since I worked yesterday and today has been largely taken up with chores and a design gig I literally couldn’t turn down.

Tattercoats is actually a story I used to know but had to reread recently – I had been lumping it in with Allerleirauh and All Kinds of Fur and Donkeyskin, and while there are strong similarities it lacks the whole wildly upsetting incest plot point and also the still pretty upsetting animal skinning stuff, so yay Tattercoats!

Basically her mother dies when she’s a baby, and her grandfather is so destroyed by the loss that he refuses to look at her or care for her and she grows up dressed in tatters and running wild with her pal the gooseherd. (I decided to make the gooseherd a trans man but honestly short of much more realistic drawings or, like, scars, it’s fairly hard to indicate that in a drawing, especially if you’re me and any man you draw looks pretty femme.) Anyhow, she and the gooseherd meet the prince on the road, he falls in love with her instantly, she tells him to wait till the royal party that night to ask her again. Then they trot off to the party just as they are but surprise! As soon as they (and the fucking geese, I love it) are in the ballroom the gooseherd plays a tune on his pipes and Tattercoats is magically dressed as a princess! And the geese turn into pages! (I prefer to believe that they kept goose personalities so there were just a bunch of fancily dressed lil pageboys running around screaming at and biting the guests.) And then love, marriage, happiness, NO FUCKING EXPLANATION OF HOW THE GOOSEHERD WAS SUDDENLY MAGIC. It’s great.


Places to buy stuff!

Did I miss something?  I think that’s everything.


What’s making me happy this week:

  • I do enjoy designing and the problem solving that comes with it, although I think I’ve said that it’s not really my main thing these days. Revisiting renderings has me more into this project than I was – this one got delayed a year, so it’s been sitting untouched for a WHILE – but also this is a much worse year for me to fit it into my schedule. So I guess it’s lucky that it’s happening at my day job and while I do need to keep most designer stuff to my off hours, I don’t have to explain my schedule to a second theatre.

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