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Weekly thingy and Four of Wands/Allerleirauh

I hope you like wands because we’re going to be looking at them for a while yet.

I’ve mentioned the Donkeyskin/Allerleirauh/All-Kinds-of-Fur variants before, and I think I’ve given y’all a basic rundown already. I’ll probably end up using her again for one of the Cups cards, so we’ll save discussing that part of the story. This is the happy ending, when the good king (it’s a job title, not a gender description) has seen through her disguise and fallen in love.

Oh also – Redbubble is being a dick about loading lately so the latest two designs aren’t going to be up there yet. And Facebook is being a dick about letting me share these to the Neurotic Owl page, which I’m pretty sure has to do with their new system where that page is a whole different profile and I have to toggle back and forth from my personal one to it. Suck it, technology, why you hate me right now.

Oh and hey, last thing I think I forgot to mention here – I miraculously (messily) found eight decks of the Neurotic Owl Tarot hiding out in the trunk of my car LIKE YOU DO. So those are up on Etsy now, once they’re gone they’re gone, but honestly at my usual sales rate they’ll probably be around for a year or six.


Places to buy stuff!

Did I miss something?  I think that’s everything.


What’s making me happy this week:

  • I swear I updated this but it didn’t update in the post so. I’m in a weird spot this week – exceedingly relieved that Ida did not barrel down on me in Houston but also I can’t be happy about that because good god does Louisiana not need this either. If you’ve got extra cash to toss around – I know, this is a bad few years for that – people in the path of the storm are going to need major help. Check out for a really good list of places to donate.

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