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Weekly thingy and Six of Wands/Thumbelina

I’ll get back to more obscure stories sooner or later, there are a bitchload of cards still to go, but this week it’s Thumbelina celebrating her freedom from all the various creatures that wanted to use her/marry her/so on and so forth. The swallow who helped rescue her has flown away (apparently to Denmark to tell Andersen the story), and she’s going to get a pair of wings of her very own, but for the moment I have her riding a hummingbird and just joyously flinging flower petals into the air LIKE YOU DO. Thumbelina is one of the Andersen stories that’s more adventurous and less moral-heavy, which apparently made it unpopular at the time and now means it reads much more easily to a modern eye than, say, The Girl Who Trod on a Loaf.


Places to buy stuff!

Did I miss something?  I think that’s everything.


What’s making me happy sad feel feelings this week:

  • I signed up for Apple TV + for the free trial to watch Come From Away, probably repeatedly. I saw it touring just before the pandemic really hit us here, and it was amazing, but our theatre for touring musicals here in Houston is HUGE and even sitting fairly close it’s a very different experience than a small Broadway house. So getting to see everyone’s faces up close in the filmed version is awesome. If you’re hesitant about a 9/11 musical a. it’s amazing, b. it is both tremendously sad and surprisingly joyous; it is unlikely to leave you emotionally wrecked except in a good cathartic way.
  • That being said, and while I am also grabbing the chance to watch a few other things that have been on my list (DICKINSON SCHMIGADOON DICKINSON SOME MORE) this app fucking sucks. There’s NO SEARCH FUNCTION what the fuck Apple. Way to advertise that you currently have so little content that it all fits on the homepage. And it’s not compatible with my Roku TV which means I’m using the laptop and an HDMI cable to watch anything, and yes that is a first world problem to the extreme but also any streaming service that can’t stream on devices made specifically for streaming is a bad service. But if you have it do go watch Dickinson. And Schmigadoon. And Come From Away.

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