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Weekly thingy and Nine of Wands/The Magic Comb

Another week, another fairly general Russian fairy tale reference.

There are multiple stories where this turns up – it’s something of a trope in Russian fairytales – but let’s go with Baba Yaga. A young girl is sent to her aunt to borrow a needle and thread by her wicked stepmother, but she knows the aunt is a Baba Yaga and gets some advice from her dead mother’s sister before she goes and knows to bribe the cat with bacon, along with several other tasks and tricks. The cat gives her a towel and a comb, and when she runs away she first throws the towel on the ground, where it becomes a wide river that slows the Baba’s pursuit. Then, when she’s close to being caught again, she tosses down the comb, which becomes an impenetrable forest that the Baba can’t cross. Then she makes her way home, and once her father hears the whole story he shoots her stepmother and they live happily ever after. . . I guess?

Anyway, this is one of the simplest cards I’ve drawn, which is handy because I had a lot going on this weekend. I did keep playing around in my head with a more detailed background or other elements, but sometimes the thing is just what it is and this didn’t want any extra fripperies. I’m sure I’ll be back to overornamented silliness soon enough.


Places to buy stuff!

Did I miss something?  I think that’s everything.


What’s making me happy this week:

  • I went to the Women’s March, and while I have some deeply conflicted feelings about that name and would really like to see it rebranded to the Gender Equity March or something else inclusive of trans and non-binary people, it as a great morning. A huge righteously angry crowd, excellent speakers, and one sad lonely counterprotester screaming into a microphone across the street. They parked a fire truck in front of him and one of the march volunteers made sure everyone knew to cut up to the next block over when they left so as to avoid him, so I can’t imagine he got much satisfaction out of standing alone in the rain yelling into the distance while no one paid him any attention.

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