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A day late and some colour short.

You’re getting a black and white today because I went to the hill country for a wedding this weekend plus work is speeding up on the small opera I’m designing costumes for and I am a little pressed for downtime. I’ll put up color once I have it but honestly that’ll probably be this weekend.

Anyway, Page of Wands/Vasilisa the Beautiful. There’s a good retelling here so I’m not going to worry about retelling the whole thing. But basically we’re back to Baba Yaga/evil stepmother stories, and in this case her wand is the magical wooden doll that Vasilisa’s mother gave her before she died, which gets her through all of the tasks the terrifying Baba Yaga imposes. In the end she’s sent back to her house with a skull full of coals (she was sent to ask for a light originally). The skull then proceeds to BURN HER STEPMOTHER AND STEPSISTERS ALIVE SLOWLY OVER THE COURSE OF THE NIGHT. To her credit, Vasilisa does not decided to stay in the house where they died horribly and heads off to further adventures but yowza. Fairytales, amiright?


Places to buy stuff!

Did I miss something?  I think that’s everything.


What’s making me happy this week:

The wedding was BEAUTIFUL and I am very very happy for the newlyweds. Yay humans and their feelings!

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