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Weekly thingy and the Knight of Wands/The Firebird

The Firebird is another of those characters that turns up across Russian fairytales, like Baba Yaga. She’s usually the object of a quest; the quester who accepts what she gives freely prospers, whereas anyone who attempts to capture her is doomed. My knight here is doing it the smart way; they’re staying calm, letting the firebird perch where she likes and they’ll accept any help she offers.

I’m playing with an option here – my lettering is what it is. It’s . . . rustic is the kind word. To be fair, I’m never trying to make it suuuper clean and precise, it’s not where I want to spend my time and energy and I don’t generally mind the very,very hand-drawn look since these are also original watercolors with little or no retouching. I’m not a slick graphic artist type, I never will be, that’s cool. BUT, I am playing with an option where I pull out my text and drop in computer text instead now that I’ve found a font I like. Please feel free to weigh in either here or on the Facebook page about which you like.


Places to buy stuff!

Did I miss something?  I think that’s everything.


What’s making me happy this week:

I did some major reorganizing in my living room including getting a beautiful (says me) rug to cover the ugly fucking tan apartment carpet that I am so fucking sick of living with, and bonus, Mooch looks super luxurious when he washes his butt on it. Unfortunately Ikea has changed their mind about whether they’ll deliver the bookcase I rearranged stuff for but fingers crossed, apparently that’s a thing now that changes on the daily so hopefully if I keep checking back one day delivery will be an option and I won’t have to recruit help. This is the downside of a small car and a second floor apartment, furniture is literally always a pain in the ass.

One comment on “Weekly thingy and the Knight of Wands/The Firebird

  1. Lisa B.
    November 8, 2021

    IF you were asking for opinions, mine would be to continue with your charming, hand drawn titles. (Save this pleasing commercial font for a future project.) There’s merit in continuing as you began–the project will be harmonious.

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