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Weekly thingy and the Six of Swords/Death of Arthur

It’s kind of wild that I waited till swords to bring in Arthurian legend and now I’m already on my second card referencing it, but the imagery felt just perfect. The mortally wounded Arthur being rowed to Avalon to rest until Britain needs him again – surely by now there’ve been quite a few crises that merited a return? Meh, anyway, I like the story ending with women being the real power again – so much of Arthurian legend rests on the actions of women, even if the knights think they’re the ones running the show.

I’ve got some personal stuff going on later this week, so it’s possible there’ll be a seven of swords going up, but I’m not promising anything. Fingers crossed I end up feeling up to painting.


Places to buy stuff!

Did I miss something?  I think that’s everything.


What’s making me a little bit happy-ish this week:

I managed to stop Mooch from licking the very salty painting, and we had a serious talk about how some watercolors are very dangerous to ingest, and chunks of salt soaked in paint are also not a good nummy cat treat. He was unimpressed.

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