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Weekly thingy and the Eight of Swords/The Wild Swans

I already went through this story pretty thoroughly back in the Major Arcana, so no recap tonight. I was casting around for a character trapped between terrible choices and remembered the poor heroine of the wild swans, about to be burned at the stake and if she says anything to defend herself, her brothers immediately die. I’m not particularly trying to mirror RWS imagery in this deck the way I did in the last one, but sometimes it really just happens to fit pretty perfectly, so this basic layout will probably look pretty familiar.

I’m getting so close to finishing swords!


Places to buy stuff!

Did I miss something?  I think that’s everything.


What’s making me a happy this week:

Kansas! The FBI going in to Mar-A-Lago and the subsequent conservative meltdown as they try to choose between ‘Trump is above the law’ and ‘we fucking love cops’! Also, about Kansas in particular – if you’re ever tempted to tell people in a red state to just move, and you can’t get it through your head that moving is not an option for everyone, please consider that if everyone who gives a shit about civil liberties left red states the entire country would get even more screwed. Kansas gives me hope; I am hanging on with every bitten down fingernail to hope that Beto can win Texas and we can start to turn this shit around in a big way. That doesn’t happen if we all flee (also, where would people like us to move to? The ample affordable housing they’re going to magically create? What jobs should we get? How will those blue states deal with the entire liberal population of fucking Texas, we won’t even worry about the other states right now, pouring in?)

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