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Fortnightly thingy and the Nine of Pentacles/The Little Mermaid

I just can’t seem to escape my intense love of bi disaster boi Hans Christian Andersen’s stories, so it’s a real delight to me that his wild fucking life went a little viral earlier this year for some reason.

ANYWAY. I’ve been listening to a lot of the Bechdelcast back catalogue lately and their Little Mermaid episode reminded me that I have not yet drawn it as the trans allegory that it so clearly can be yet, AND luckily I had a card coming up that traditionally shows a fancy lady in her garden, so yay timing!

Also – I get that HCA was not himself a sailor, and also that in his time the depths of the sea were even more mysterious than now, when they’re still pretty fucking mysterious. But he did live in a famously seafaring town among tons of sailors and it’s not like no one knew about seaweed and coral and freaking sand, so it is deeply hilarious to me that when he describes the Little Mermaid’s garden it’s full of bright blue sand and red flowers (which I suppose you could interpret as anemones but wait for it. . . ) and a weeping willow tree. Sir, you are so magically inventive and create such vivid images, wtf? You literally could have just described a tree with waving fronds why tie yourself down to a very concrete image of a land based tree?

Also I hardly ever draw masc presenting characters so shout out to Magic Poser for really helping a bitch out on this.


Places to buy stuff!

Did I miss something?  I think that’s everything.


What’s making me happy this week:

The little scribble scrabble of Moochie’s feet as he races around this place is pretty fucking fantastic, but even better, MY WASHER AND DRYER ARE UP AND RUNNING!!!!!!! In home laundry is a goddamn gift and a joy, I can have clean clothes and sheets and towels ANYTIME I WANT.

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