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Weeklyish thingy and the Queen of Pentacles/Snow White and Rose Red, aka the SECOND TO LAST CARDDDDDDD

I foresee a great turmoil over the final card as I look back on all the possibilities I missed but fuck it, nearly done!

Looking for a fertile, nurturing mother figure in European fairytales who isn’t, y’know, dead! does reduce some of the overabundance of choices. Snow White and Rose Red’s mom, though, is a lovely gentle character. She has her sweet little ritual with her daughters, sending them out every morning to each cut her a rose from ‘their’ tree so she can see how her girls are growing. She’s obviously threaded the needle of having twin daughters who have completely opposite appearances and dispositions (Rose Red is bold and sassy, Snow White is quiet and responsible) and NOT playing favorites, given how completely devoted to each other the girls are and their total lack of rivalry. And when a giant fucking bear turns up at the house she’s reasonably cautious, but once she knows he’s a magic talking bear who won’t hurt them, a welcoming host who’s all, sure, my daughters are playing with a massive bear, why not.

May we all have someone in our lives as accepting of our unique personalities and weird friends.


Places to buy stuff!

Did I miss something?  I think that’s everything.


What’s making me happy this week:

I HELPED RESCUE A TINY YELLY KITTEN YESTERDAY AND (IMMA SAY HE FOR BREVITY HERE, WHO CARES ABOUT CAT GENDER) HE WAS SO SWEET AND ADORABLE AND LOVEY. It was a 30 minute process catching the bebe involving five separate humans and one false start where a guy scruffed him, handed him to me, and then I proceeded to shift my hands slightly while trying to get up off the sidewalk hands-free and he leapt to freedom (freedom here meaning hiding under another car). But another woman turned up to try to tempt him with her leftover Niko-Niko’s chicken, and then eventually two other coworkers came out and one managed to reach under the car and scruff the baby again (HERO) and they handed him off to me while the other took many adorable kitten photos, and 1st girl and I were left to figure out the next step.

I was SO CLOSE to bringing the baby down to the Wortham basement to see if I could at least get him a box for carrying and a drink of water before heading to the vet and figuring out how to foster a goopy eyed little kitten without exposing Mooch to anything he might be carrying. And let’s be real, when I say fostering, I pretty definitely mean adopting. But luckily for Mooch the other girl said that she could absolutely take him home and that she rescues kittens all the time, and while I miss him that was obviously the good plan. And her hands were full of stuff so I did get to wheeze my way up the ramp into the parking garage (goddamn pollen) with his tiny filthy warm body cupped in one hand and the other making sure he didn’t spring loose again. He wasn’t trying, though – he’d been absolutely screaming for Momma the whole time he was free, but as soon as he was firmly cradled against some boobs he was perfectly content to be adored.

Anyway. I am having tiny kitten withdrawal but Mooch does not want a brother, I do not need the vet bills or the nightmare of trying to keep him isolated till I know it’s safe, and I know he’s in excellent hands. I wish I had gotten more pictures myself but I may have to harass coworker #3 to please forward me some, I was busy trying to lure him out and only got two of him peering over the curb.

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