Neurotic Owl

flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

I should draw baby owls more often.



So usually I don’t do much to these in Photoshop beyond adding the frame and taking out that stupid smudge I can’t get off of my scanner screen, but this one required slightly more intervention because it was smeared by an actual baby’s tiny, adorable, questionably damp fingers.  Actually, if I’d given the owlet with the blocks a dimple,  it would look just like Gigi.  Her eyes are easily that big.  And blue.  And she has squishable cheeks.  I need a cat break, my womb is clenching; too bad I’m posting this on break at work.

I should also admit that I’ve had to fix lettering in Photoshop at least twice because my tendency to draw these in pen while carrying on a conversation with my friends means I occasionally apparently forget how to spell ‘owl’.


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