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Topical! Don’t you want to be topical? I’ll show you what clothes to wear, how to do your hair. . . oh, wait, that’s something else.

So two different things today.  First, these:

mpo14 fth7 no87

Which my Facebook friends have already seen, but I thought I should post for you strangers/people who haven’t been on teh Facebook in a few days, especially since that douchenozzle Rick Perry apparently claimed that all Texans oppose gay marriage.  Oh, Rick Perry.  Just when I think you can’t sound any more dumb.

Also, it’s still Passover, and work continues to taunt me with a constant stream of donuts and cookies that I probably shouldn’t eat usually, but absolutely can’t eat now.


Mmm, affliction-y.


I don’t know anyone who actually takes down four cups of wine, although the Seder leader second night did seem pretty schnockered.  I have a feeling the sugar content alone from four glasses of Manischewitz would kill me.  I usually do about four sips of wine, plus lots of grape juice, but I do enjoy the fact that various Jewish holidays throughout the year encourage drinking, frying various foodstuffs, dancing, gambling, and dressing up in costumes.  We’re like the anti-Baptists.

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