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Some masks for your Saturday.


I don’t have anything particularly clever to say today – my brainbox is all filled up with making a birthday present for a friend, so you’re getting projects from the archives.

mask7 mask4 mask1 mask mache

These are nearly all stiffened felt with bead embroidery and assorted stuff, except for the gold goblin, which is papier mache and pokey, pokey sticks.  I don’t advise wearing that one if you want to stand next to anyone without them losing an eye.


This is the second mask I ever made from scratch, not counting paper plates.  It’s super old and hard to see out of and a little itchy and still might be my favorite.  Also, the glitter effect was created by rubbing glitter makeup into the felt, and I am not yet ready to admit how old I was and that I still owned glitter makeup, although in my defense, I think I bought it for Halloween.  Or possibly a Tuesday.


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