Neurotic Owl

flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

Still keeping it low key after yesterday.


So last night I had some very bad dreams, as I imagine a lot of people did.  Despite my determinedly watching My Little Pony to give my brain a break from horror, the combination of yesterday’s tragedy and personal worries made for a rough night, so it’s handy I had this owl ready to go.  I only remember bits and scraps of dreams, as usual, but there was something about being chased by Nazis and trying to escape as they pumped Zyclon B after me, and then a fair bit about falling asleep while driving, trying to get home, and discovering my tire was totally flat, while wearing only a robe.  My head’s a bad place sometimes.

So, a little fragile, but heartened by all the wonderful people going above and beyond to help the victims in Boston.  Have a gentle day, y’all.


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