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This one’s all poky and ouchy and sad.


Not entirely coincidentally, I’m working on replacing my possibly 15 year old twin mattress with a nice new full, like the grownups have.  I’m also trying to work with my laziness instead of against it by getting a bedframe with built in drawers, but it certainly is looking like a huge pain in the ass.  I’ve settled on a nice, sturdy, good looking base from Ikea, but I’d pretty much have to pay for delivery, and then there’s putting the damn thing together — real life friends, if I invite you to my place during a four hour window for movies and manual labour, now you’ll know to run and hide.  Anyway, the base might have to wait due to lack of moneys– I could always just put the mattress and boxspring directly on the floor until I can afford to add it, I suppose.  If I were super flush I’d say I’d pay for assembly too, but ha! to me ever being super flush.

Life was so easy when furniture was my parents’ problem.  Hear me now, children — appreciate your cushy strollers and free beds and naptimes now!  Being a grownup is dumb.

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