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Tarot #5, The Hierophant

I’ll likely redo the lettering on this one, though it may take a while to get to it.  Actually, it may take a while to get to several things — as you know, these are a lot more time-consuming than my usual quick cartoons, and once I’m in the headspace for a series, I don’t think of one-off ideas as easily.  Also, I’m making a costume for a customer that’s due by the 9th at the absolute latest (hopefully sooner), all of which is to say that I’m strapped for time, and you shouldn’t be shocked if posts are less predictable or feature non-cartoon stuff for a bit.  I am halfway done with The Lovers, so you probably won’t see it tomorrow, but definitely Monday.  Wish me luck and free time.5 the hierophantOh, and if I do go so far as to get some decks of these printed, would people be happy with just the major arcana?  Minor and major?  Price will vary based on your decision here.

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