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This will not be a standard post, because I suck.

Or because I had a hideous knife-stabbing-me-in-the-eye headache last night, so instead of scanning and editing images, I took a hot bath and then lay down with a pillow over my head and didn’t get up till morning.  So, cartoons tomorrow.  Today, a little news on what’s happening with these once I’m done drawing them.

I’ve looked into printing options, since some of you have expressed interest in owning a set.  So far, I’ve found a printer with a low minimum order who would do custom tarot decks (so full-size drawings) for 14.00 each, which means, with shipping and packaging, that I’d need to charge about $30.00.  I’m thinking that I’d need to do a Kickstarter, essentially to take pre-orders, so that I can afford to order the printing (if I can get four pre-orders, I can afford to order the minimum, and more orders = more decks printed).  There’d probably be two levels, but basically just one for $30 flat for people I see frequently and can hand-deliver to, and one for $35 or so for anyone who needs their deck shipped.  Sound reasonable?

Oh, and I’m going to do drawings with pops of colour instead of full colour for the minor arcana, so it’ll be a while before this all goes down.  I’m just kind of feeling out the price and such.

2 comments on “This will not be a standard post, because I suck.

  1. journeyintoinsanity
    February 23, 2015

    Ooh, definitely let everyone know when your deck is available. I know I want one!!

  2. naralesser
    February 24, 2015

    No worries! I’ll be posting the rest of the cards as I finish them, and I’ll obviously pimp the Kickstarter or whatever when I get it up (not till I’m close to done).

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