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flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

Like my imaginary OKCupid profile says, ‘Feminist, brah.’


But you do have fluffy CGI feathers and a confusing (at age eight) crotch bulge in your other form, so there’s that.  Hands up if you DIDN’T form your early naughty feelings based primarily on David Bowie as Jareth?  (Straight men/lesbians, I’m just going to assume that for you, it was black dress Lily in Legend).

Side note, I played with Barbies a TON as a kid, but I never had a Ken doll, because every time I saved up for one, I’d see a Barbie with awesome accessories and want her instead.  Ken was just boring.  I did have a Jem doll. . .

(The one on the left.  Your left, not her left.  Directions are hard.) . . . and as you can see, she bears a not inconsequential resemblance to a certain Goblin King, so all my Barbies dated Jareth.  It helps that she’s a head taller than Barbie and has comparatively small tits.

I feel like I’m forgetting something . . . oh, right.  Teepublic blah blah Redbubble blah blah Kickstarter etc. etc.  Advertising, you are my nemesis.


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