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Totally advertising, but with pictures!

There are 59 hours left on the Kickstarter, so this seems like the day to do a last push advertising it.  (Although we’re way, WAY over my goal, so I’m good regardless.  Still, if you want the Kickstarter price and any extras, now’s your time.)

Just a reminder, in case you’re new here.  I designed these:

1magician 5 the hierophant 4 the emperor 3 empress 2 high priestess 0fool

and many more, because I am a crazy person.  At least a few people wanted them to exist in the physical world, so I found a printer and set up the Kickstarter to pay for printing and shipping.  I’m not keeping any of that money; however much I make over printing and shipping costs for the backers goes back into ordering extra decks of cards, so that I can sell them at future events.

My backers have been awesome!  I owe you all so much for taking a chance on my being reliable (I am) and delivering on time as promised (I will!).

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