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The nerd in the hat, part 2. Except I’m not wearing the hat, because I’ve also been making hat stands.

So, just so you know — if you buy a vintage glass toothpick holder shaped like a tophat at an antiques mall, A. don’t tell them you’re planning to drill holes in it (Which I actually didn’t in the end — I found a way around it.), and B. don’t refer to it as brown glass when any fool obviously knows that it’s AMBER.  They didn’t quite refuse to sell it to me, but they did look awfully snooty for a place that has booths full of Beanie Babies and probably Pogs.

Anyway, now I can say that I’ve made a hat with a trapdoor, so that the LED inside is removable.  Special skills!

I was going to try to get this one on Charlie’s head, but it’s just too heavy.  He wakes up as soon as I start to let go of the darn thing.  Le sigh.

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