Neurotic Owl

flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

Who else did you THINK would be next?


Photoshop is my friend, because I accidentally drew her head too large for her body (larger than my usual exaggerated proportions, I mean) and the brush selection plus the scale tool helped enormously.  I probably shouldn’t havementioned it, because now it looks too big to me again, but some of that is just piled up hair.  Anyway, Sorsha!  Every futere empress baby’s favourite redheaded warrior!  Accept no substitutes!  Any day now, she’ll dump Madmartigan (even if he is hella cute) and get a cabin in the Pacific Northwest somewhere and move in with Eowyn.  At least, that’s my brand new head canon.

They have a potter’s wheel.  And a golden Lab.

They brew craft beer.

They don’t so much adopt cats as cats adopt them, but they have 5 now.

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