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It is a truth universally acknowledged that Lizzie Bennett is awesome.


Well, almost universally acknowledged, since I know a few people who still don’t like Austen (M!!!!!).  NOT EVEN THE FILM VERSIONS.  I asked, because sometimes, when a book is a little bit of a slow starter, watching an adaptation can actually help — it lets you know there’s wonderful story ahead and helps you plow through the beginning, but no.  Not the fantastic Colin Firth version, not the Keira Knightley version that I actually really like so screw you, purists.  Nothing.

And yes, there are other Austen novels, but P&P is easily the most approachable and sprightly, so if you can’t get someone to like that one, it’s probably a lost cause.

True story — I was, for many years, convinced I hated Jane Austen because a high school English teacher made the mistake of saying all girls love her, and I am contrarian.  It wasn’t till I was in grad school that A convinced me to try again, and once I started, I sped through EVERYTHING and was sad there wasn’t more.

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