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I can’t help it, I love a fabulous lady writer.


So I’ve been trying to keep these reasonably all-ages, since an intersectional colouring book of nifty womenfolk is something quite a few people have told me they’d like to have for the young-uns’ in their lives (which is why I may have to pick a different Frida Kahlo quote.  Damn).  I kept Josephine Baker’s nips under wraps and I didn’t go porny with Anais; haven’t I done enough?  Anyway, how could I not feature a fabulous Cuban writer who loved to get dressed up and take artsy photos in veils and drapery?  And fuck it, erotica is great and women should be able to write it and read it and not be shy about either.  I’m not saying read Delta of Venus to the rugrats, but think how much fun they’ll have discovering it years later!  Anais Nin could be the new (infinitely better) V.C. Andrews!

Oh, and I know there’s an umlaut in her name, but I can’t make WordPress do it.  Help, somebody!

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