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If you even THINK about burning a library down, I will cut you.


Hypatia (of a few different places, really) is mostly remembered as a brilliant philosopher and mathematician, and as a rational person murdered by an irrational religious mob.  Seems like a good person to remember at this moment in history, yes?

And no, I’m not accusing all religious people of being irrational murderers.  I’M A RELIGIOUS PERSON and I understand science (in a half-assed liberal arts major sort of a way {which really isn’t even particularly half-assed, but it’s easy to feel outclassed when you hang out with actual rocket scientists and geologists and such and the best you can do is pun about being spathic}).  I’m saying that, when you use religion as an excuse to hurt others, you are sucking at both religion and, you know, humanity.


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