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Dolls, dolls, dolls.

I didn’t buy this one, so she doesn’t count against the ‘I don’t collect dolls’ tally!  Or, actually, I did buy her, but back in 1997 or so, so she’s grandfathered in.

I suck at remembering to take before pictures, but the internet, she is a helpful beast.


I bought her because of her bangin’ wheelchair, which I recently stole for my awesome gamer grrl, Adjani:


Which left me with a doll with a few high points – cool jeans, a flannel, cute sneakers, JOINTED ARMS AND LEGS — and some definite lows.  Like her stupid face.  It’s hard to see there, but her eyes are a little crossed, and I wasn’t nuts about her super round hairline combined with exceedingly bulky hair.  Also, she has the older Barbie body, which was already odd, but the ways they altered it to make her sit are okay hidden by clothes, but deeply disconcerting in anything form fitting.  So, clearly it was time to do some reworking.

Her name’s Victoria now.  I’m going to give her a tattoo sleeve soon.  She’s SPLENDID.


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