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Sunrise, sunset, my kitten is dumb!

Remember that wee little kitten I adopted?  Remember how he’s turned into a MOTHERFUCKING GIANT?  Remember how he likes to try to strangle himself with plastic bags?

Here he is with his tender little ears inches from a damn ceiling fan.

File May 12, 8 47 07 PM

(Ignore the worrying water spots — the leak was fixed ages ago, but no one ever repainted.)

This is the part where a smart person would TURN OFF THE FAN, but I am dumb like my cat plus I was trying to sew, and it didn’t even occur to me.  I did think about pulling him down and concluded that that would end poorly.

Luckily, he took care of it himself a few minutes later while trying to catch the pull chain.

File May 12, 8 47 30 PM

Accidental action shot!  This is seconds before he fell on top of me and my sewing machine, bringing all of that fabric and a (luckily sealed) jigsaw puzzle with him.

I still have two cats with four intact ears, but this one is not so much with the survival instincts.  Keep your fingers crossed for him, because you can’t adequately babyproof when the baby can climb and leap EVERYWHERE.

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