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Someone asked me about drawing an orchestra, but now I can’t remember who.


But I DO remember telling them that if I ever got around to doing such a thing it would be surreal as fuck, so congratuwelldone, me!  Way to deliver on your half-assed insincere non-promises.

I have left formatting hell behind for now and the 2nd proof is gradually making its way towards me.  I have high hopes.

Also, things to do — this one is very Houston specific.  Culberson’s finally agreed to a town hall meeting in Spring Branch on the 25th, so let’s FLOOD THE CRAP out of it.  I want everybody there asking why he won’t represent his constituents.  If you’re not in Houston, keep pushing your guys for town hall meetings!  Make them look a huge crowd of angry liberals in the face while they try to weasel their way out of admitting what dickheads they are.  KEEP RESISTING.  I know it’s exhausting, but you know who’s also getting exhausted?  The opposition.  Cruz is basically hiding in a pillow fort, he’s so scared to listen to us.  Let’s keep it the fuck up.

One comment on “Someone asked me about drawing an orchestra, but now I can’t remember who.

  1. Marty
    March 17, 2017

    Love it! 🙂

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