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Doll break!

Or I suppose technically action figure, but she’s the larger size – a little shorter than a Barbie.  Anyway, I found this HIDEOUS Rey doll on clearance at Ross for $5, and I thought, “Well, it’s only $5 wasted if I fuck her up.)19437241_10207696204841688_3934094485525904437_n

I have not (yet) fucked her up.


Face is basically done except for gloss on the eyes; I still need to repaint the rest of her skin and touch up her hair.  I am SUPER happy with this.  This is definitely the most intense repaint I’ve tried, and now I want to go back and play with my Barbies’ faces way more.  My favorite change  is actually her hairline – I sculpted more hair onto her forehead with my mini glue gun, and it made her whole face look instantly better.  I’m considering filling those ugly leg joints with glue to hide them, since she’s really just going to stand around looking pretty and won’t really need to move (they’re fairly shitty joints anyway).

One comment on “Doll break!

  1. mommatrek
    July 6, 2017

    One of these days, I will get around to making a doll custom. I watch a LOT of doll custom videos on Youtube (Hextian and Dollightful are two of my fave channels) and I’m GOING to get around to this some day.

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