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Want to see something crazy?

Remember this drawing?unfortunate color

So I’ve been reading Monica Ferris’ Crewel World series (cozy mysteries set in a needlework shop in Minnsota YES) and it’s making me want to do fancywork.  That, incidentally, is why I needed to stop reading a baking-themed series — needlework doesn’t make me fat(ter).

Anyway, I’m reading about these handpainted needlepoint canvases, and I don’t have $300 going spare or actually know how to needlepoint, but I do have some nice linen, t-shirt transfers, and creative embroidery skills.  (Creative = I make a lot of shit up.)

So this is happening.


Photo Dec 24, 10 16 00 AM

Photo Jan 02, 7 13 24 PM

The floor is done now except for that chunk by the baby, because I ran out of the right colour floss.  I think I’m about to leap headfirst into doing the baby’s skin next, but that’s where it gets really scary, since I want her face to turn out smooth and pretty and NOT like a monster child, and shading with satin stitch is not something I’ve tackled before.  Wheeeeeee!

Also I have a big side job and a small wedding project both needing to happen in the next few weeks, so don’t be shocked it this is it for progress on anything for a while.  I’ll try to at least post occasional cat pictures or whatever.

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