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Whodunnit? She otter know! (Fired, I’m fired.)


That was TERRIBLE and I am deeply ashamed.  I think I’ve mentioned my love of cozy mysteries a time or 20, but just in case you were worried that the Minnesotan needlework shop owner wasn’t relevant enough to my interests, I’ve just found a new series set at a Shakespeare festival in the Catskills, and the sleuth is the wardrobe mistress.  Swear to god, google a profession or hobby and you will find a cozy themed around it.  Did I mention the witchcraft & vintage clothes themed series?

Also, did I tell you guys about Nanny Bougie?  One of my coworkers who hails from Louisiana has a great aunt known as Nanny Bougie (Boojee), who lives in a small town, energetically pedals a bike all over the place, has an enormous three legged lazy cat, and taught C. that gators under your car are no big deal, you just honk the horn to scare them away.  (No word on how you make it to the horn without becoming gator chow.)  I’m amazed there’s not already a mystery series about her, but someone needs to write it, and every one needs to end with a zydeco dance party and crawfish boil.  Get on that, writer friends.  Oh, also, she has a ready-made sidekick in one Aunt Kitschy.

I know, right?  Yay.

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