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Bags and black cats.

I have finished my new bag!  I totally should have dropped in one more pocket while I was building it, but no worries, I can still make an independent pocket and then hand tack it in to the lining along with some iron-on reinforcement.

Mooch approves.

Photo Jul 04, 8 00 13 AM

And hi, this will likely be my only post for a week because I’m going up to Dallas for a few days and have generally had bad luck trying to post from an iPad, and I am NOT lugging my huge laptop along.  So, have a bonus stray kitten who was recently rescued by L and will hopefully have a permanent home shortly.

Photo Jul 01, 4 43 04 PM

One comment on “Bags and black cats.

  1. MrsMcD918
    July 4, 2018

    That bag is AWESOME!

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