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Alexander Henry, you delightful scamp.

Are you guys familiar with Alexander Henry fabrics?  You’ve probably seen them even if you didn’t know who the designer was; he does your sexy pinup zombie ladies, your sexy pinup cowboys, your sexy pinup firefighters, Santas, Cupids, and really any half-naked male you can imagine.  (Sexy pinup Colonial soldiers, anyone?)

And he did THIS.


So obviously I ordered enough to make a (lazy) dress.  I’d been planning to use the print for the skirt and get a coordinating knit for the top, since it is a LOT of print.  Then I realized that I wanted the top to be an unstructured, sleeveless, dropped waist knit, and you know what is also that thing?  A fucking tank top.  So I got a tank, put a skirt on it, and then added an elastic casing inside so it would blouse nicely and cinch in at the waist because I only like unstructured dresses in my imagination or on other people.  Still, super easy, super lazy, feels like I’m getting away with not wearing clothes while everyone else thinks I’m being mildly fancy.

ANYWAY, I have not yet taken a pic of the dress, but behold to top I threw together with the leftover fabric!  It was an afterthought and I think I love it the most.

If it looks super loose and like it could be smaller on me that’s theoretically true, but it’s hot as fuck in Texas and having a top that basically barely touches my body is PERFECT.  I even did it on purpose, which I can’t always say.  You can’t see it because I don’t bend that way, but the back is actually the same brighter pink print as the straps, because having enough fabric is for losers.

6 comments on “Alexander Henry, you delightful scamp.

  1. Elin's Era
    July 18, 2018

    That’s so cute :O I really love that fabric :3 i think i need to find and sew me something of that myself 😀

    Hope you are having a lovely day 😀

  2. Chrestomanci's Tailor
    July 18, 2018

    Very nice! Digging your Labyrinth poster too 😊

  3. mommatrek
    July 19, 2018

    That is BEAUTIFUL..and girl, I hear you. I can’t step outside right now without feeling like the sun is trying to squash me into the concrete with his heat rays or something. Because Texas.

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