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I look good in bread.

I’m deep in the beginning of making bits and pieces for Panto:Star Force at Stages Repertory Theatre, and so far, so good.  Behold! my fake pastry.

Step one: cut chunks out of that old memory foam mattress pad that’s been in the big closet being slowly shredded by the cat for years.

Step two: carve.

Step three: add colour.  I used thin acrylic on the croissants in spots, but I’m actually happier with the places where I just used alcohol marker.  It’s softer and more tranlucent; the paint looks a little dead.

Step four: GLAZE.  Step 4b: keep Mooch from licking glaze.

Image may contain: indoor and food

Photo Oct 03, 7 57 11 PM


I maybe should have used matte instead of satin on the croissants, but whatever, who doesn’t love a shiny inedible croissant?

Step 5: take photos with a croissant perched on your head because of course.  Stages was also the theatre for which I made the pancake fascinators and boobs, so clearly they know my niche as a designer/craftsperson.


This is such a moody 70s album cover that Pensive in Pastry is my new imaginary band name.  I shall play the autoharp; J will be playing the triangle while wearing an extremely sharp Cate Balnchett-style suit, and Magical Sparkle Muffin has volunteered for theramin duty.  Don’t feel left out, we still have room for a ukelele, a melodica, a toy piano, probably some hand bells, and maybe a saw.

Our first album is definitely going to be titled ‘Aggresively Twee’ and feature song stylings inspired by the Great British Bakeoff (come at me, Betty Crocker).

Okay, bonus pancake pictures because I can’t remember if I’ve posted them here before.

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