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Of porch cats and purses.

I’m buried in show work, as I was and forever shall be, but a few quick bits:

I decorated my nerd purse!  I got the patch from CrestCrossed on etsy if you’re also a house hybrid and need to shout it to the world.  And no, they did not pay me to advertise them, I paid them for this BITCHIN’ PATCH.

I had neither the patience to handwalk an industrial around this edge, nor the fortitude to handsew through it, so I ironed it to a scrap of blue velveteen and then handsewed that to the bag (why not iron it to the bag?  VINYL MELTS).

Also, have I told you guys about the porch cats?  I feel like I’ve mentioned them — my downstairs neighbour feeds all of the complex’s strays + one giant fucking possum, and if you just said awwwww, please keep in mind that if you feed them you should also GET THEM FIXED.  Inbreeding is the only way I can explain the fact that Mom ran out of tabby and had to split it among three babies.

#3 in under the stairs, but it’s basically identical to the other two – all white with a weird tabby cap and tail.  And yes, I do think they might be evil, but I’m a cat person so that’s not really a dealbreaker on making kissy sounds at them.  I think their grandma (or whatever) might be Mooch’s mom, but there are at least 7 strays regularly feeding downstairs now, so who knows who’s related to who?  I would be tempted to snag them and get them fixed but A. they run away if I get closer than about 10 feet, and B. they’re so much my neighbour’s outdoor pets now that I would actually feel like I was kidnapping them.  So, more kissy sounds it is.

One comment on “Of porch cats and purses.

  1. mommatrek
    September 28, 2018

    Is there a local TNR group you can contact to come do the trapping FOR you so you don’t have to?

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