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Is this where I mention that I’ve never watched game of thrones?

Because I do like dragons, but I’m not super into sweeping epic tales of political intrigue and, just, a whole bunch of rape.


pan pride w heart sm

I’ve been putting off the pan flag a bit because I was mildly conflicted about it.  Many (not all) of the people I know who use it seem to wield it like a holier-than-thou club meant to denigrate bi-identified folks as limited and trans exlusionary, and that is just not true.  There are always assholes everywhere and I’m sure some of them are bi, but the basic idea of being bi that seems to be widely accepted is experiencing attraction to people of genders both like and unlike my own, which covers everyone.

That being said, I read a more nuanced take that implied that bisexuality is attraction to a range of genders, and pansexuality is attraction completely regardless of gender, and that’s a distinction I can get behind.  I’m bi and find myself increasingly attracted to femme or androgynous presenting people, and less interested in fully masc presenting folks.  (That may be the way I was going to naturally drift around my age anyway, or it may be that a lot of shitty cis dudes have kind of ruined me for everyone dude-affiliated, who knows, sexuality is sometimes a mystery.)

Anyway, I was always going to do this one, it just took me a little bit to get past hurt feelings.  I think it came out stupid cute, though.

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